About Paul Rana Australia

A native of Australia, Paul Rana has worn a variety of hats over the course of his career. Initially trained in the art of leather tanning, he went on to hold positions in the commercial screen-printing and machine manufacturing industries. Paul Rana designed and built over 40 specialized screen printing machines. In 2005, he entered the field of alternative health care and later envisioned, then founded the New Era Wellness Group.

Otherwise known as NuEra Health, this provider of holistic clinical care specialized in chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and a wide range of naturopathic procedures and dietary services. The company was headquartered in North Melbourne, Australia, until December 2006.

Paul Rana came to NuEra Health as an experienced hyperbaric technician and a high pH therapist who had studied in Thailand to administer these nutritional therapies, including Vitamin C intravenously. Mr. Rana owned and operated NuEra Health.

Paul Rana put his full-time career on hold about four years ago when his ailing mother began to require 24-hour nursing care. Rather than putting her under the supervision of strangers, Mr. Rana scaled back his professional endeavors to act as her principal caregiver. Today, Paul Rana provides full-time care for his fiancée and life partner, who was rendered paraplegic following a tragic mishap. He continues to live in Australia, where he is in the process of developing a new nonprofit health organization called Making Changes 4 Life.

Rana’s cutting-edge style brings together the latest research. He provides research for people to review and believes in combining several targeted therapies, along with permanent corrections to the life choice foundations that one chooses. For this reason, he calls his book The RANA System and the foundation “Making Changes 4 Life” foundation. He said that his tour will include a presentation that will open people’s eyes and make them think twice about the system we have today, and the choices you have not been told about.


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